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My Story

David Wunderlich was born and raised in suburban Detroit in a small town called Troy. The oldest of four tight-knit, competitive siblings, Wunderlich grew up testing his boundaries to see just how far he could push his luck. His rebellious spirit landed him in detention for most of his middle-school lunches until the school’s football coach recruited him to channel his energy into something more productive. The sport became more than an anti-detention pastime for Wunderlich, who developed into an All-League Tight End as a Junior at Albion College. However, after having more athletic success than he had ever imagined he would, there was still something burning deep inside him – a passion for acting that he’d long avoided, believing actors were born actors and he was not one of the chosen few. Recalling his rebellious nature, Wunderlich left the game heading into his Senior year, and scored the lead in Albion’s Spring production of Earl The Vampire. After graduating, knowing he was heading to Los Angeles as soon as he could afford to survive, Wunderlich spent the summer splitting time between acting classes and bottle flipping, earning his way to LA at a Cocktail-esque flair bar 15 minutes from his house. Always a California boy at heart, David made the transition fairly easily, sans-crashing on a broken futon for his first two months in the city (the way every great LA story begins, right?).

An avid film fan that’s seen Fight Club more times than he’s cleaned his room (true story), Wunderlich is drawn to the “human moments” in film. He aspires to work with his favorite director, Richard Linklater, and to create films that change lives. In January of 2015, David created Break Free Productions, a company founded on the principle of “Making it happen.” Since then, Wunderlich has been working consistently, whether it be on set, on stage, or on a project of his own creation. He has been featured on TV shows such as Criminal Minds and General Hospital, as well as numerous National Television commercials for companies such as Ford, Toyota, and Daily Burn. You can contact David through his manager at BAC Talent or his agents at RPM and Daniel Hoff.